I’m fascinated by Jesus.

Not so much in who we’ve tried to make him, more in who he is beyond the walls of our boxes.

I spend my time journeying with others into friendship with him. As I do, I’m learning about a new way to be human, and creating content (Talks, books, videos, music, events) that, hopefully, inspires people like you to join me.

I know, I know. You’re not religious.
Me neither.

This has very little to do with religion, and very much to do with life. Life and life to the full. The Jesus I’m talking about is less concerned with what we call ourselves and more concerned with who we actually are. He wants to talk about the aching in our souls that keeps us up at night wondering, “Why on earth am I here?” and he’s invited everyone to join him in the conversation.

If my work helps you see him more clearly, I’m grateful.

If I can serve you and your community in any other way please get in touch. I really do believe in the power of the collective and would love to discuss what we could do together.


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